evil scarecrow


dr hell

“If you havent seen Evil Scarecrow (9) yet then it feels unfair to ruin the surprise. An affable blend of Pythonesque absurdity, artfully drawn from an evident love of metal, they have the crowd in the palm of their collective claw from Sixty-Six minutes past Six.”
Metal Hammer

“Praise be, then, for Evil Scarecrow…Novelty bands don’t last long on stage, everyone’s tired of the joke by the third song in. Evil Scarecrow break the mould by being damned competent musicians as well as piss funny.”
The Rock City Review

“… those who camped surely felt the repercussions, as did the festival itself as tooled-up monster magnets Evil Scarecrow found themselves taking to the stage a little later than scheduled. That didn’t stop the enthusiastic crowd giving their melody-laced extreme metal their full attention, and their performance was surprisingly engaging.”
Powerplay Magazine

“This quintet command the big stage surprisingly well, suppressing all the apprehensions I had … Despite my usual hangover, I walked away from their set with an amused grin.”
Metal Team UK

“It’s well thought-out and delivered metal … and frighteningly hilarious crowd interaction – creating a chaotic mix that sees Evil Scarecrow win many hearts and become perfect main stage openers.”
Planet Loud

“Evil Scarecrow is the only unsigned band appearing on the main stage and they certainly earn the crowd’s respect by putting on a very decent show. Fans have clearly turned up and know all the moves and lyrics by heart.”
Subba Cultcha

“Festivals are all about being blown away by bands you know almost nothing about and for me at HRH Evil Scarecrow managed just that. Another unforgettable set and a band I definitely have to see again.”
Cack Blabbath

“They perform their soul ripping metal tracks with such passion it’s hard not to stand up and take notice. That and their set is also one of the most wildly aggressive and downright entertaining sets of the entire festival so far.”