KAPOW! We're proud to launch our insane new video into the known universe. This video was a huge undertaking for us and the biggest thing we have ever organised. It took 4 people months to get all of the props and puppets built, 3 days of shooting and over 100 cups of coffee.



We must pay special tribute and massive thanks to our amazing production team, Metal Hammer for running the exclusive launch of the video and our brilliant partners at Dean Guitars and Blackstar Amplification.

Video Credits

Director / Producer / Visual Effects - Matt Burton
Cameras / Lighting / Editting - Chris Goor
Props / Set Design - Dean Barlow, Janine Forster, Dave Parnham, Matt Burton
Puppeteers - Dean Barlow, Dave Parnham, Dick Platt, Dylan Hollick, Jordan Spencer, Jakk Perkins
Runners - Jakk Perkins, Jordan Spencer
Behind the Scene’s footage - Sam Scott-Hunter