Blackstar and Rotosound

We are a very happy duo of guitarists today as we proudly anounce our latest endoresment deals with Blackstar and Rotosound.


Along with our Dean Guitars endorsement we are now extra cool and probably loads cooler than you. Just check out how "cool" we are in these wonderful pics by Emma Richardson.

Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar Amps

We recently had a trip down to Blackstar HQ to try out their latest and greatest. We had some boxes that needed ticking and the 100 Series 6L6 was just amazing and ticked everything we were after. Sounded amazing and just feels like it could withstand a nuclear blast. It's the hardy cockroach of the amp world. Which is handy us for as we're brilliant at breaking all of our gear.

Blackstar Web Site



Do strings really matter? Damn right they do! Rotosound 52/10s all the way. Sturdy little buggers (see above about how we like to break everything), sound great and have that vital spare top E string for free. Not sure we're really a "blues band" though. We're going to convince them to make the 52/10s have more evil packaging. Pentagrams, fire, that sort of thing.

RotoSound Web Site