Full Evil Pack

A chance to get our old out-of-print back catalogue. That's right we're repressing all of our old CDs.

New Pledge Music Campaign - Keep us on the Road!


We need a new van to keep the Evil Scarecrow live show rolling, help us stay on the road!

The Evil Scarecrow live show is the best representation of the band. We want to keep touring and getting our live show to fans old and new around the UK and beyond! Touring and equipment are expensive, more expensive than most bands let on, and over the years it has bled our bank accounts dry leaving us with a bit of a conundrum, we need a new van before ours completely falls to pieces and we would like to buy one that will last us for a long time and house us for longer journeys so that we can reach our fans far and wide. With your support we can raise enough cash through Pledge sales to buy a decent van and keep this show on the road!

To achieve this we're releasing some exclusive goodies: our acoustic shows and reprinting our out-of-stock back catalogue. So, get pledging at the link below and help us make sure we can keep touring.