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LATEST VIDEO Space Dementia!

Evil Scarecrow bring you a spacetastic Gerry Anderson inspired video for the single "Space Dementia" from the critically acclaimed album "Galactic Hunt". Featuring amazing hand-made puppets of the band and legendary record producer Russ Russell along with scale models of instruments.

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  • Blackstar Amps and Rotosound Strings

    Blackstar Amps and Rotosound Strings

    We are a very happy duo of guitarists today as we proudly anounce our latest endoresment deals with Blackstar and Rotosound.


  • Space Dementia

    Space Dementia

    KAPOW! We're proud to launch our insane new video into the known universe. This video was a huge undertaking for us and the biggest thing we have ever organised. It took 4 people months to get all of the props and puppets built, 3 days...